ACA Compliance

ACA Under New Trump Administration

Based on his campaign promises, the Trump administration will make many changes during his time in the White House — some of which will involve the Affordable Care Act (ACA). The ACA is already difficult to navigate, especially last year with so many new IRS rules that companies had to follow to avoid costly penalties. Many companies are now trying to better prepare for the upcoming filing year amidst the promise of drastic changes. The looming question many companies have is, “How will the election impact my company directly, and will it affect my filing in 2017?” Chris Tamanini, ACA subject matter expert, shares with us what steps to take for 2017, and what to expect post-election.


Author Mask Christopher Tamanini, JD, MBA, SPHR
The Author

Chris has 17 years of experience in human resources across the health care, insurance, and banking industries. He is a key resource for eBenefits on legal compliance issues. Areas of expertise include government reporting, decision management, and metrics.